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We create Christmas Experiences!
Here's one of our famous "walk thru"
trees from the IAAPA Theme Park
Show in Orlando 11-15 thru 11-19

here is an impressive 10' tall Christmas tree with a 6' base

Here's a beautiful tree (pictured above).

It's 10' tall and 6' wide at the base.

This beauty's new home is a famous

ocean cruise line.

For over 60 years, Danken has created WOW Christmas installations all over the world.

And our customers love us! See below, our latest installation with custom upholstery and holiday trimming!

Award Winning
Decorative Foliage
Made in the USA!

Welcome to DANKEN, INC. - Serving the Retail Community with the world's most beautiful visuals!

All of our work MADE IN THE U.S.A. !


We provide an impressive array of interior and exterior foliage, stunning Holiday trim, special effects lighting, durable merchandising solutions to handle any products from small to large quantities, and are always here to help your business look it's very best.

Please feel free to browse our videos and catalog below.  If you have an questions, don't hesitate to call us. We love what we do!

here is our 2019 award for best booth
DK custom 2020 tree tall enough to walk inside

Please take a moment to browse our latest brochure.

Danken-Oversized BRO-2019-WEB (1)-page-0
this is our printable brochure
this is page 2 of our printable brochure
Danken-Oversized BRO-2019-WEB (1)-page-1
this is page 3 of our printable brochure
this is page 4 of our printable brochure
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